The most powerful and feature rich underwater device

Heavy-duty lightweight design. Underwater housing for iPhone®.

Scuba Capsule® features user-friendly interface with all dive critical information clearly visible on one screen. The multi mode functionality makes Scuba Capsule the most versatile underwater device ever created. The dive modes, such as camera with heads-up display, underwater multimedia, communication, and navigation are designed to enhance your scuba diving experience, eliminating the same time a need to carry multiple different devices. Crafted from a solid billet of aluminum and only the highest quality materials, Scuba Capsule is the toughest, most reliable multi mode underwater device ever made, and there is a music player too!

The Scuba Capsule housing is made of anodized 6000 series aluminum – the same material used in areospace and marine industries, as well as in Apple notebooks. Machined with the highest level of precision the housing guarantees the best 100% pressure sealed protection to the extreeme depths in the harsh salt water environment.

Designed in Florida. Made in Germany. Designed by divers, for divers.

Scuba Capsule - dive mode 01

Housing Features

  • Depth rating 200M / 660ft (custom order – 300M available)
  • Large pressure independent touch button – easy to operate even in the thickest dive gloves
  • Highest quality Gorilla® glass
  • Standard camera mount and strap mount on both sides
  • Stainless steel draw latch with safety lock


Scuba Capsule - dive mode 02

Dive Computer

High accuracy digital depth gauge provides precise current depth readings that are clearly visible on the screen, next to the rest of dive critical data, such as no deco time, tank pressure, air time left, temperature, compass and bearings.
Dive Computer Mode – core features:

  • Multiple decompression algorithms – Buhlmann-16 installed by default.
  • Gas selection (switchable during dive):
  • Air (21%), and Nitrox (up to 50% O2)
  • O2 (0-100%) – available only in PRO & TEC
  • Trimix (PRO & TEC only)
  • Ascent Rate, Ceiling Depth, Deep Stops / Safety Stop Indicators
  • Adjustable PO2
  • Oxygen Toxicity Indicator
  • Dive Time, Max Depth, Multi-level Dive Graph
  • Audible Alerts
  • Voice Prompt (use with underwater headphones)

Scuba Capsule - music player for divers

Camera with HUD

Scuba Capsule uses the high-quality iPhone® HD camera, powered by an advanced, optimized to perfection software that allows you to constantly monitor dive critical information rendered over the camera view (HUD). Optional wide angle lens and camera lights significantly enhance the underwater picture and movie quality.


Easily accessible audio and video controls makes this multimedia mode a great add-on while killing an hour on a decompression stop, or just chilling on the reefs.

In addition to a standard dive log functionality, the Scuba Capsule Dive Log features comprehensive management of the diving equipment, weather conditions, geo-location, multi-level dive graphs, and more… The dive log editing mode allows to fill up or edit all the detailed information about your last dive. The logged data cannot be edited after the dive record is confirmed by a signature of your Divemaster or Instructor. Scuba Capsule Dive Log is integrated with Facebook for immediate and convenient sharing with friends.
Quickly select the gas mix for your next dive, check the surface interval, or simulate the best multiple dive schedule in the build-in Repetitive Dive Planner.

  • Custom Themes
  • Communication (underwater messaging)
  • Navigation (featuring live on-screen search patterns)
  • 3D Dive Briefing
  • Wreckipedia
  • Fish ID (augmented reality add-on)
  • Fish Charts

The app uses Apple App Store in-app purchases system.

Scuba Capsule Advantage

      • All-in-one multi mode design (dive computer, camera, multimedia, navigation, communication, custom apps)
      • Heavy-duty lightweight design – only 500g / 1lbs (empty)
      • User-friendly interface with simplified controls – 1 balanced touch button
      • Custom user interface themes
      • The best depth ratings in the industry
      • Downloadable add-ons, deco algorithms and themes
      • Made of durable top quality materials machined with the highest precision

App Screenshots


Download Now

Download free Scuba Capsule app

Scuba Capsule app comes with fully functional Dive Log, and Repetitive Dive Planner. The app is designed to operate in two major modes: (1) Dive Mode - in conjunction with the Scuba Capsule device, and (2) Surface Mode - when the accessory is not required.

Download Now

Underwater Navigation

Ultrasound transmitter-receiver system of the Scuba Capsule PRO guarantees high accuracy navigation calculating distance and direction between all dive buddies within 150 ft / 50m range.Learn More

Underwater Messaging

Send pre-set short messages to all Scuba Capsule PRO devices underwater.Learn More

Deco Algorithms

Scuba Capsule app comes with standard decompression algorithm, and an option to download extra algorithms…Learn More

Product Photos

Press and Testimonials

The coolest new gadget we encountered was the new iPhone Dive Computer. The guys at Utmost Tech have created the Scuba Capsule, a special waterproof housing for the iPhone that not only keeps it dry, the iPhone will also keep track of your nitrogen saturation level. The application utilizes two modern decompression algorithms with 16 tissue samples and can be programmed for air, nitrox, and trimix support. If you do go into decompression, it even has games to help you pass the time! Water resistant to 600 feet, Utmost Tech is offering four different versions. I guess there REALLY is an app for everything!
Joseph Froelich, Scuba Sport Magazine
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Luke Beck, Theme Fusion
  • Scuba Capsule
  • $849MSRP
  • Depth 200M / 660FT
  • Dive Computer
  • Camera with HUD
  • Multimedia
  • Free App
  • SC Transmitter
  • $599MSRP
  • Depth 200M / 660FT
  • Tank pressure via wireless ultrasound transmitter
  • Camera with HUD
  • Multimedia
  • Navigation
  • Communication
  • CCR Support

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